Алан кусов в казино

Я никому не рассказывал, никто не знал. Он побывал в московском «Торпедо», а затем провел сезон. Вручили золотые часы от Ельцина — «Полет».

Он не появляется на публике и предпочитает молчать о своей жизни.

Алан Кусов: «Оставил в казино тысяч долларов». Спорт-Экспресс

Но хочу ближе к алану кусов в казино кусов в казино квартиру снять, чтобы дети. Страсть к играм лишила его полноценной семьи и крыши.

Первый алан кусов в казино кусов в казино — Игорь Витальевич Осинькин, тот же, что и у Дзагоева. После такого успеха его лично поздравил Борис Ельцин, вручив над головой. Газзаев лично позвонил игроку и предложил переход в ЦСКА. Мне тоже, как Вене, сказали: «В Америку поедешь». При этом на их свадьбе в году было около Дзасохова тоже «Полет», только побольше.

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  1. This is one of the greatest scenes ever. The math involved, the way they come down the escalator, the clothing, everything. Haha fucking great.

    1. Tbh it doesn’t matter how many decks they use. They can use 8 decks but if you know what you’re doing it doesn’t matter how many decks they use.

  2. Oh you were wondering why you needed to learn all that math in high school?

    To play blackjack

  3. Bradley Cooper giving the big double middle finger to the eye in the sky cracks me up every time!!

  4. the best thing to do when you’re counting cards is lose on purpose a little bit….. so they won’t know you’re counting cards.

  5. Dude casinos are so uptight ppl get on lucky streak all the time and just cuz someone wins money they think they cheating or counting

  6. 2:04 Okay, Phil, I get youre excited, but you do not say that in a Casino when youre counting cards or if youre on a hot streak, #1 rule in a Casino, never say You cant lose

  7. To those that dnt know….the scene coming down the elevator was exactly how tom cruise n dustin hoffman came down the elevator in the movie rainman. In that movie Tom Cruise character was taking his mentally challeged brother to the casino to count cards n make money….I laughed so hard at that in the theater💀😂💀😂 Zacks impression was spot on

  8. Im like rain man but without the brains😂😂🤣🤣😥😥🤪🤪

  9. Fun fact: Casinos in Vegas have a intelligence AI computer system kind of like the FBI/NSA. They can put you on that list and its shared with other casinos. It recognizes your face. It basically alerts them to known cheaters immediately if they enter the casino, as well if someone banned enters again. Say you get into a fight, and get banned, and come back a few months later, theyll know and kick your ass out.

  10. Bojoko blackjack trainer is btw good app for starting to learn how to count cards. I recommend!

  11. 1:50 Splitting fives thats a holecarding move, not a card counting move; but their profits are more in line with hole carding as well. Hed have to find a flashing dealer (or just be lucky enough to get an addictive win.)

    1. Dealer hit 16 showing 9 7 I think then ate the 10
      -that 10 was comin close! 😁

  12. It’s literally +1 / -1 haha they show complete math solutions 😂

  13. The real science of counting cards is keeping track of the 16 cards in the deck that matter

  14. Isn’t this the guy that takes the pill that makes you really smart. He would be great at Black Jack

  15. Voice actors of Lego Batman Joker and MCU Rocket raccoon on an escalator

  16. It’s dope how stupid Alan is but he can count cards and not get caught

  17. the dealer dealing the cards in perfect sync with the pumping bass guitar chords. at 1:10.. aweosme

  18. The thing that’s halarious is that I could see Zach Galifanakas really doing this

  19. You do not need to be a genius to count cards… Its one of those silly tropes. Also the house knows when youre counting lol

    1. Sometimes they do and sometimes they dont. It varies greatly from one casino to another.

  20. Someone know which suits Bradley Cooper is wearing ? Apparently it’s j. Lindeberg but I cannot find the exact model.

    1. @TheCoreyd1086 in the long run, the math prevails. A good counter can lose in the short term and bad player win in the short term.

    2. Card counting is not illegal nor is it cheating. It is frowned upon by casinos as they look at it as you are taking the advantage from them. They have the right to ask you to leave or you cant play blackjack. They will say your play is to good for us. Problem now a days is if you are caught in one casino the other casinos will know right away and watch you like a hawk. One piece of advice just because you can count cards is not a guarantee you will win

    3. This was great, thanks, I been tryin to find out about blackjack 21 card counting for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried — Tonvelyn Xiylijah Trick — (should be on google have a look )? It is a good one of a kind guide for learning how to make fast money using this lotto system minus the normal expense. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my buddy after many years got amazing success with it.

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  22. Such a fun scene haha the Consultant put every unnecessary math calculation in there but freaking wind speed. That was part of the joke I’m sure. 👍🏼

  23. He mustve actually been calculating basic strategy, deviations, etc.., while counting.

  24. 1:49 You dont split 5s, you double down unless the dealer has a ten or an ace.

  25. I was a card counter in Vegas for years. It is LITERALLY 1+1. Usually not even that because the cards cancel each other out a lot of times and 7s, 8s, and 9s you completely ignore. A monkey could probably do it.

    1. @Dale Spencer You make about $150k/year staying below the radar which is why most counters choose to stay at this level since you can have an indefinite career. You can approach and even hit 7 figures but by doing so your career is going to be short because you will have to travel a lot and even with disguises eventually be banned every where. So most like myself just went with the safe $150k/year option.

  26. Why does Phil Shouts He cant loose, Just out of sheer excitement ? or was it a part of the plan that I missed ?

  27. I love how the idiot of the group is the one who kicks ass at gambling

  28. just watched Rainman again and now realize this scene was pretty much a callback.
    I am now reluctantly more impressed with Hangover.

  29. Alan: u/DeepFuckingValue (Autistic Retard)
    Bradley Cooper: WSB (Major Retards)
    the dentist dude: u/DeepFuckingValues girlfriends boyfriend
    secuirty: The SEC (eat my dick)

  30. Its bull shit the math and everything in blackjack… its all about luck

  31. When your dared to play blackjack but are so close to making a breakthrough in you thermonuclear astrophysics

    1. accidentally launched a rocket and solved a couple of Millennium problems before nap time…

      sorry lol 🤷🏻‍♂️😊

  32. I knew I heard this song some where. I spent an hour this morning looking for it and found it by chance…

  33. They are alluding to if not all out parodying Rain Man here.

  34. I really dont get this counting cards thing.
    Can someone kindly explain what is it and why is it not allowed?

    1. @KidTrigger I have no idea how to play cards. Thank you for explaining it, but I didnt get any of those things that you just explained since it was only numbers and rules. 😐😐

    2. 1-6 you subtract a point 789 neutral 10-ace you add a point. When the sniffling is done you divide your points by the w,out of decks remaining then subtract one more and that’s how much you bet. It’s not allowed becuase you always gain money playing black jack this way so they call it cheating but if you do it I’m your head they won’t know

  35. did i just see a freakin integral symbol and a square root??

    counting cards is only adding, subtracting, and at some points division — good grief

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