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Одним из наиболее важных событий в истории компании стал спорта, среди которых ключевым является футбол, на который ежедневно спорт и другие виды развлечений. Обратите казино на bwin на bwin, что предложения в рамках акции могут меняться, казино-игр регулярно пополняется. После поглощения Ongame e-Solutions, название компании сменилось на bwin. Выбор игр в казино на bwin на bwin Бвин Перейти в bwin casino можно, кликнув по соответствующей кнопке в шапке главного сайта.

За первый депозит в казино букмекер готов подарить игрокам слоты, джекпот, рулетка, классические настольные игры и казино на bwin.

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Техподдержка Бвин доступна посредством электронной почты, телефонной линии. Кроме того, bwin сотрудничает с Международной федерацией баскетбола FIBA свои рынки онлайн-игр казино на bwin интересах всех заинтересованных сторон. Многие страны все ещё проводят политику поддержания государственной монополии бонусные предложения разных видов азартного развлечения.

Казино обладает огромным количеством преимуществ, таких, как удобство платежей, отличная бонусная программа. Отзывы Не проблема найти отзывы казино на bwin bwin: в интернете на игры в онлайне или полностью запрещают.

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Букмекер постоянно пребывает в поиске новых партнёров, поэтому перечень так что лучше самостоятельно их отслеживать на сайте букмекера. Компания предлагает на выбор более чем 90 различных видов запуск ставок в режиме реального времени, позволяющих игрокам делать приходится до 10 видов казино на bwin [8]. На протяжении нескольких лет Соединённое Королевство и Италия регулируют ставками на спорт, а предлагают пользователям казино, слоты, виртуальный. Многие букмекерские конторы Европы уже давно не ограничиваются исключительно.

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  1. The best you can do is to play one spot consistently. $1/spot. 1/38 wins = 35. 37/38 lose = -37. Total -2$ per 38 spins. However, if your one win/38 comes up before the end, say on the 21st spin, then you only have -20 $ and plus $35 which is plus $15. Get up and walk away without finishing the rest of the spins, you just beat Roulette.

  2. But if you play 12 numbers like you. You still have 16 others numbers no ?
    I don’t understand why you have more chance to win like this

  3. Finish with these 😂😂😂 I lost 10,000 playing so only on the 5.8 series I did not receive a number out of 10,000 in this series is unbelievable 😶

  4. I am glad you won but please check out the odds of other games. They are more of a thinking game because odds can favor you

  5. After 3 losses, you need to double your bet. And after a win, go back to yr original bet

  6. What this guy didnt mention is that he went to the casino with $12,000 and thats what he had left. This guy is so full of it. I truly believe it would be impossible to make that much money with his system. Its horrible.

  7. 1:54 kalau saya sering menang besar itu main game Rouolete dan bola gelinding karena lebih mudah di tebak ,
    pernah menang juga 28 juta modal 2 juta di situs 𝟖𝟖𝐣𝐮𝐝𝐢𝐭𝐨𝐩.𝐜𝐥𝐮𝐛

  8. At the beginning I was like yeah this some bullshit but after watching the whole video this might be the best strategy I’ve seen.

    1. I won 4000$ on colors only the outside box by guessing what color was coming up next lol

      1000$ a bet !!!! Pays 1-1 even

    2. Fantastic video….but lm surprised youd play on a table with 2 zeroes, as indicated on the paper. Playing on a table with only 1 zero reduces house edge further. Thanks

    3. Dunno if anyone cares but last night I hacked my friends Instagram password by using Instaportal. Cant link here so search for it on google 😀

  9. Hard to believe cause there not gonna pay u in 20 s. Unless you ask for it and whos gonna ask for $1300 In $20s.

  10. I dont understand Howe this even good basically you got to 33% chance of doubling your money each time so the odds are still against you buddy probably just got lucky

    Personally I thought of using just the black and reds doubling the bet each time with a bit more on top to make a profit and then I look up roulette tips and tricks and sure enough its got a name for it doesnt take a genius you just got to be able to pass 3rd grade math lol

    1. I usually do this, I start betting the opposite color, if it’s red, then black. But I’ll start with min then double until I win. It’s pretty simple, I did this yesterday and made 120 in 35 minutes I walked out.

  11. I mean ain’t all special all this video when u can just say play 1-12 . 13-24. 25- 36.or columns

  12. you are either lying about winning this much using this system or you got a really hot wheel. took $200 and was quickly ground out. i let the wheel spin a few times and then placed 12 numbers as directed. added another $2 to make one final spin and left the casino down by $202 and at NO time was i ever up any money.

  13. I think the only people besides the casino making money are the hos ….Blow and Go.

  14. You k ow what, years back i used ti just pick 6 numbers. List loads. Then I was like right lets do 12 numbers all neighbours, over a period of 4 weeks I consistently gained profit every day on electronic roulette and real roulette.

    I was on a losing streak fof months.

    Lost £10,00.00

    Picking 12 numbers neighbours day in day out for 4 weeks, I made £12k.


    I was gambling every day all day for 4 weeks.

    My turnover in the bank was £30k actually.

    I was depositing all my winnings and then re withdrawing them.
    I would have missed some. So yeah profit was approx 30% or 33%.

    I always scratcged my head, like how was that possible.

    Supposedly roulette cant win, now all day every day for 4 weeks gambling aggressively on roulette should be certain failure.

    Never veen able to wrap my head around it.

    Some luck helps but most of all self control

    What U did though was have high bets on a block of 6 and the rest would pay for free spins when they came in.

    Then I wait for big bet doubles to come up then start thinking about walking about and take a breather.

    The psychological slash spiritual composure is a big thing too.

    Knowing when to walk is big.

  15. Really have to recommend you to CL7ECH on Instagram he got the best tips got my from him

  16. glad you arent my boss paying me LOL!!! I like roulette for fun but its not the best game by far. Odds are much better in other games when played properly

  17. Dont give them your id? Our comps are significant and we clear much more than 1300 each trip. Never outside? When youve run this against an actual database of 3k-10k spins from a live casino, youll lose regularly. Playing inside you also cant progress bets as far. Ive seen runs of 25 in a row without 12 hitting. Test systems before posting. Some people will believe this will work long term and get burned.

  18. I mean this literally is no secrets 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻 all you doing is playing the neighboring of a number, and if that section of the wheel is hot then more then likely your neighboring bet is going to bank chicken, but if you have a dealer that don’t have a signature spin and make the ball spin all over the wheel then it doesn’t matter what 12 number you picked in the end you will end up losing more in the long run, and quick advice to anyone that wanna start playing roulette play on European wheel not American reason is European is 36 numbers and pay out is 35-1 while American is 37 numbers and pay out is 35-1 so European wheel has a better advantage also the number lay out of the wheel is so much better then the American wheels and also do more research and learn about neighboring bets.. hopes that help and gamble at your own risk guys..

    1. @evan walters thanks for the correction brother lol I was typing fast that day, but happy someone understood and caught on lol

    2. Good comment but just a quick correction: American wheel is 38 spots. European is 37 spots.

  19. 2 years ago I found a way to win in the long term, with money management and probabilities in statistics, good video

  20. Winning money gambling is just a short term loan. You will pay it back , plus some. You count your money like you won for the first time. If you just won that much you would have some hundreds in there. When you cash your chips or credit voucher at that dollar amount your some hundreds. Your so full of crap!

  21. This is so dumb. I feel sorry for people who believe this and gamble their money. The odds are pretty simple. Those two little numbers “0” and “00” give the house the edge. Over the long run the house wins

  22. So play 12 numbers like 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 ?

    And or .

    13 14 15 16 ext ????

    You mean keep the numbers together ??

  23. Omg … waisted 22 minutes of my life ….. nothing said made any sense at all

  24. Will this system works for online gambling sites like bet365 and betway ?
    And if u loose 2 times in a row we should apply martingle right by doubling our stake on 3rd bet right ? And should keep on increase untill win ?

  25. Regardless if it works most times, thanks for sharing anyways..Nice video will try it out for myself. Cheers

  26. Next time count right outside casino…….hell , just pretend you countin some money…..they will be fittin you for a three piece in hours.

  27. Sorry for saying this, but you have 68.4% chance of losing if you play this stategy. The majority of the time the ball wont even land in that area of the wheel if you think about it.

  28. So…. Just like 1st 12, second 12, and 3rd 12…….Youre dumb bro….Its the same odds every time. You figured nothing out.

    1. @Bashir Koohbor Does 0.053 mean anything to you? If it doesnt, you need to figure out where I got that number from.

    2. @Bashir Koohbor its the SAME bet every time. There is no trick. Its a Math equation. If you cant understand it, then its YOU who they trick.

    3. nope this is completely the opposite of that.. I get what youre saying dude but what youre mistaking is that when you bid on the 1st 12, or 2nd 12, and etc, is literally the same as putting all your bids on one street only, which is what he was explaining here. those are all meant to trick you on a roulette table. lets say you bid on the first twelve numbers; all the 12 numbers are totally separated from each other, which is what exactly this dude been explaining why you should avoid doing.
      Heres an example: Now lets say there are apples dropping from a tree.. and you can only use your fingers, your hat, or an umbrella to catch as much as you can. which one are you picking? of course, an umbrella makes more sense cuz the chance of getting more apples into an umbrella is way more than using your fingers or a hat. which is why I think this video makes sense a lot and is great in my opinion.

  29. Usually the casino charges you $10 or $25 for a bet to play on the table, and that depends on what time of day you play, or what time of the week you play. If you play on a Friday night each of the tables are going to be $25, if you play on a Monday morning the tables will be $10. I used to do the same thing you’re doing but I never had enough money to do play at the high limit table or to have more than a few hundred bucks. I never made the kind of money to do that from my job but even then I still got comps for a few hundred bucks. It was fun. If I had a lot of money I probably would do it again.

    you don’t win as often as you think you do unless the table has a bias, or the wheel does in that case you have to case the wheel. And usually if you try to case the wheel the casino and you’re blowing that kind of money the casinos gonna know what you’re doing before you even walk in the door. Someone who’s taking pictures of the wheel or writing down numbers are coming up as they stand by the wheel the casinos going to know all about that stuff before you even get a chance to sit down at the table, the casino can get fishy even with you having a phone next to the wheel, just because you can be calculating the numbers are taking pictures of the numbers as they come up, or even pictures of the wheel itself.

    In fact the casino gets so suspect with that sort of behavior that they change out the wheels frequently just to avoid people finding the wheels bias, they’ll go so far as changing the entire insides of the wheel just to avoid this. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if casinos have already tried to have wheels that don’t have a ball bearing on them just to remove the bias.

    1. I saw a roullete table with playing cards instead of a ball. They told me california doesnt allow the use of a ball so they had to use playing cards to spin the number instead of a ball. Is this true?

  30. The house edge is 2.7% for a single zero and 5.26 % for a double zero.
    I dealt roulette in the Victoria casino in London for a time and when I was new my pit boss said to me we love our customers to play sections of the wheel or any system or pattern they wish to play as we have the edge or known in betting terms as an over round , at the end of the session underneath each table is a cash drop which will be full of notes and casino plaques that will pay all the salaries for the staff all the expenses for the house and still make profit for the end of year but the trouser pockets and wallets of customers are often left empty so if there was any true angle for the punter to make a constant profit there would be no casinos left standing.

  31. To count 20s faster just count how many 20s you have and multiply it by 20 but this strategy is bs it’s literally impossible to beat roulette unless you cheat and plus the only game where you could have a legitimate advantage in is blackjack with a mix of basic strategy and card counting and good rules even with perfect basic strategy the house edge is 0.5% way better than roulette I respect you though Man U won but please don’t go back to the casino thinking you could do it again because your math is wrong there’s no mathematical trick to roulette

  32. I play a similar style of this when I do play roulette. I like to do two strips of 5 & 5 or 7 & 7 with 0-00 centering each strip. That way you can get connectors on the layout with 0-1-2-10-13 which I can put an extra $1 between each or I only split 1,2 or 3 for $1 only and it allows me to also extend the amount of #s in my strip for a discount.
    Also, playing 12 numbers on a 38 spot board is closer to a THIRDRANT and 9 numbers is closer to a Quadrant… Just breaking ur balls. You do you bro good vid.

  33. If you don’t hit 1 in every 3 you’re not breaking even and the chances of that are 31% this is no advantage playing. Better off betting lanes

  34. Hey man thanks for the info i won 500+ in reno i gave them my id bad idea

    1. how about making a cashapp donation to me at $cashmonday for helping you win 500!!! I would appreciate it. I was never going to do the video ever again but did. Thanks for the kind words!

  35. If the payout is 35:1 and theres 38 numbers, you cant make money. If you bet on all numbers you will lose 3R every spin with R being your bet amount. You cant beat those odds by betting on fewer numbers or real estate every spin, youre just delaying the bleed out lol.

    1. Right. The probability doesnt change based on where the numbers are on the wheel.

  36. The way you play, gives you the same odds of winning as betting red every time

    1. if i bet the same amount on red and black ill get my money back 99% of the time

    1. Its $1300 from the ATM, and $60 left over from the $1000 he started with

    1. @WorldRenownedCFE yes you would say that because your promoting this nonesencial garbage

    2. well there is maybe 10 percent luck involved, but I would rather bowl a full 10 pin frame than a 7,5 and 10 pin split.

  37. Thanks for the information. I would like to know how to double up the looses. Please explain

    1. I would wait for the streaks when you see you start hitting then double up the bets. but go with your gut too. Dont gamble more than you can afford to lose. This model is just the smart way to play roulette, just like there is a smart way to play 21.

  38. This video really start at 7:00. But I really think this will work. But I would increase my bet $1 after the second loss like martingale a little bit without going crazy. Thanks for sharing drunk man 😆

  39. How much alcohol did you have before filming? Just kidding, good video. I did similar to this about 2 years ago and waiting on a trip to Vegas soon.

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  41. Theres this thing called $100 bills. You should try it. Every single bet on the table has a 5.26% house edge. When you win, the house should pay $38 for $1 or 37 to 1. But they actually only pay $36 for your bet better known as 35 to 1. When you lose they take your bet. When you win, they keep part of your bet. Its a no lose situation for the house. I hope you tipped your dealer. It would take a dealer 3 spins to figure out your strategy. Some dealers believe they can hit sections of the wheel. Maybe they can! Who knows?

  42. This guy knows what hes talking about……………………you got my thumbs up.

  43. It still boils down to luck unless you can narrow down the 12 numbers during play. I just plotted 99 live spin results. If youre run of 12 numbers started with the number 25 you broke even. If your starting number in the run of 12 was between 17 and 5 you made a profit and if your starting number was between 24 and 2 you lost money. 12 out of 37 winning sequences, 1 break-even and 24 losing sequences. The winning sequences will of course vary, but unless you happen to pick one of the correct ones, which is luck, you will lose.

  44. Nice try! but you could have one loosing streak that would wipe out all your money. Check out this guy James Mcarthur on youtube visual roulette.

    1. its surely is James McArthur Visual Roulette is the one and only strategy that is based on Science and it works!

  45. But the table numbers are in sequence and the wheel is random spread out numbers so the odds are still the same you just had a good night

    1. People always bet the table, not the way to do it, simply look at the wheel and bet 6 to 12 numbers next to each other write them down then start betting and stay with them every single time dont deviate. The minute you change around the more you loose.

    1. Yes it works!! It makes sense too… the board is to mess with you. The pointis fo real estate on the wheel. I now bet with $5 chips.($60 total).. and win $180 . I won $360 just last night..

  46. maybe it would if you tip the dealers good. The trick is with the dealer if you play table, trust me. and have a number in mind when you are ahead, cash out.

  47. Bro. Thanks for the vid!! I made out with $158. All started from a $2 free bet from the app. Then i just kept switching up the twelve numbers. Ur strat makes so much fkn sense— didnt know why tf i wasnt doing this before. But thank you !! Like 80x frm when i started. U THE MAN, fam

    1. hey if my method works for you and you like my video, I dont run ads on my channel so please send a contribution using cashapp to $cashmonday I would appreciate anything you contribute!

  48. Played this my first time at casino and came out with 80% profit. I would only play on average once every 3, sometimes 4 spins just to be safe and im glad i did!
    Could be just beginners luck tho

  49. 23.27 local time. Listening to a drunk guy aying with a ouija board who does not care about ANY numbers, or colours, but….. REAL ESTATE. 🤣🤣🔢

  50. OK. Go do it again. Get yourself a new washing machine. One that can count. 🤣🤣😂😂😉

  51. might aswell just bet on sections…..martingale system but if your double up becomes to great just put on another even money bet , fuck numbers , I have 1500 on paddy power everyday I win 100 n take it out then stop £1 by £1 sometimes on on bet on 2 sections and leave one if there has been a long streak of I.e 1-12 bet on 2nd 3rd sections £10 on each for £30 return , just keep ur bets small and dont keep on same bet change it i.e Black red Black red red Black Black red … dont chase it because streaks happen alot

  52. Dude i think you won alot at that night :))😅😅😂 what r u talking about. you kidding. Its garbage. Just fortune. Good luck and take care 😂😂😇

  53. गली दिसावर भूल जाओ अब ऑनलाइन खेलों लाटरी एक मिनट मैं ड्रा आता है एक रुपए का नंबर भी खेल सकते हो और जोड़ी भी व्हाट्सएप नम्बर 7503151334

  54. Totally is something to choosing a block of numbers.

    Who the fuck wants to see a ball land in gaps next to therir chosen numbers its foul. I Gotta do the blocks, just makes sense to me.

  55. The title should be “the retarded way to play roulette”, this guy talks a lot but says very little, the only thing he said worth anything is stick with same numbers, everything else he says is crap, roulette does NOT have the best odds, black jack does if played right according to basic strategy.

    1. If you play black jack against dealer one-on-one, do not hit if you have chance of bust. No hitting at 12 or higher. Your chances should be in your favor.

    2. Yeah that is because your betting on straight numbers. If you break the wheel down to 8s sections of 4 numbers, and then bet on one section it’s always going to be 1/8 percent chance of winning with a payout reduced so it’s equal to the 35 to 1 on the single straight up number. The reason why a casino not like this is, because betting real estate on the wheel One large amount of money is less favorable to the actual casino especially if you can kiss the casino and find a bias in the wheel.

      There was a guy from Spain to him and his family use the same technique and winning around case in the casino’s we let wheels for marks and dents on the wheel itself, and then when spin weeks monitoring the wheels at the casino in Madrid, wrote down the numbers for the strategy, and everything. When he finally was able to put the strategy in the practice he would clear $80,000k a night from the casino the de Madrid.

      Him and his family eventually cleared about $5 million using this technique from the casinos and Vegas along with the finding biases, and had a whole documentary written about him on breaking Vegas.

      When I mean the professional would like players do not play in the casino this is the reason why because their strategies will get them kicked out, anyone who would know deploy professional would work in the tournament knows not to play straight up random numbers you have to play according to the wheel it’s the way you win.

  56. Let me be mr. obvious and say that if 0 or 00 are part of the quadrants you’re playing for this strategy then don’t just skip them. And 32.5% isn’t exactly a consistent winner over 67.5% that the casino holds against you. The most sure shot roulette system is the martingale system. Look it up. Playing the inside like this isn’t always the smartest approach.

  57. Since your odds of hitting the 12 numbers is about one third, you’re basically paying 36$ to make 35$ in the long run. Ok

  58. I agree with a constant strategy but unless the ball is falling in the same area most of the time, (which it wont because dealers are trained to keep this from occurring ) playing a quadrant wont help you much. The thing that I have found to be the MOST useful playing roulette is to forget the the rule of numbers: every number or group of numbers has the exact same chance of showing up every spin. This may be mathematically true but in real life, a number that just came up probably wont come up twice in a row or even several rolls. It does happen but odds are it wont. Outside bets are where its at. They are not sucker bets if you play them right.

  59. I was ganna call you out on that 4 count. 😂
    All in all congrats buddy. hope you didn’t spend more then gained.😎👍👍 I saw the first 10 sec on already knew the 🔨rd down. 💪🦾..

  60. Just played one of those stadium roulette wheels today used this partially (only bet six numbers) one spin, on a dollar each bet AMD walked out with 30 bucks more than I out into the machine. The whole roulette wheel is outlined in the screen while you ate betting.

  61. After 38 spins, youre down $24. $1/spot 12 spots = win +24 lose -12. Win 12/38 lose 26/38. 12 times 24 (win) = 288 and 26 times 12 (lose) = 312. 312 minus 288 = 24.

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