Казино рояль плаза

Клуб, как и само казино, находится в игровой зоне страны на территории Sport Poker Club в отеле-казино «Royal Plaza», Капчагай, 50% от суммы — собравшему Рояль Флешь с одной картой на руках.

Отель Jupiters Hotel & Casino 5* (Голд Кост). Туры в году от туроператора АРТ-ТУР

25%. Джеки Gaughan’s Плаза казино красный игральные карты Лас-Вегас, Невада​. US $3, CASINO ROYALE Playing Casino Poker Cards — Las Vegas. US $4.

ROYAL PLAZA HOTEL & CASINO 4* (Капчагай) — отзывы, фото и сравнение цен — Tripadvisor

Crowne Plaza Surfers Paradise · Брисбен Penthouse Suite: две спальни, просторная гостиная с роялем, столовая с кухонной зоной, барная стойка. Открытие казино рояль плаза «под ключ» и управление объектами в сфере игорного бизнеса.

Photo by CasinoProject-Management in Casino Royale Signature.

98 thoughts to “Казино рояль плаза”

  1. 10:51 SlotLady gets $69 in that line hit and she says Nice.

    Meme magic right there.

  2. I hope they get this at my casino when it opens back up! Would love to play this!

  3. This video was filmed before the recent closure of the casinos in Las Vegas! My videos are filmed, edited and uploaded in advance of their release date 🙂

  4. Nice picking there at the end. Bond sure did make you work for it.

  5. Awesome comeback amazing win way to go 👏🙌
    Stay safe and healthy ❤️😘

  6. One of my favorite games by far. But definitely love lobster mania 2 ❤️

  7. That was a great win. Bond took a liking to you. Casino Royale is one of my favorite movie, I will look for that machine.

  8. So on that bonus, do you keep playing it until you pick the wrong cards or is there only so many rounds to it?

  9. Nice bonus — you always seem to do well on James Bond games — its almost as if JB likes the beautiful ladies 😉 Not to mention Casino Royale has the best title song IMHO (and I dont mean the Sarah rendition of the Monty Norman theme — my ears are still ringing from that one!!) lol 😉 🙂 x

    1. @Slotlady Not toooo bad, but I dont think youll be nailing any Grammys next to your Youtube button anytime soon 😉 x

  10. Wait, I thought Las Vegas was a closed city right now. How are you in a casino?

  11. I really hate the slots you have to pick. Invariably I pick the wrong cards. Never a jackpot.

  12. sarah at it again,if there was a nuclear holocaust she would still be playing slots,god bless her ,at least she would be doing what she loves!,

  13. Thanks for having enough footage in the can to be able to put up as much content as you have since this all went down. I miss going and having a good time with my friends, but my wallet sure doesnt.

  14. 2:33 Him is called Mads Mikkelsen, danish actor.. Denmark a country that produces some of the most beautiful females.. By the way, do you have danish blood in the veins? 😉

  15. Hey hey Your videos are good and you’re a cutie!! but we want to see you win big or bust go for the big jackpots don’t just end the video with the same amount of $ you started with basically lol

    1. @The Wyze One She had a $200+ profit. Youre math skills arent so Wyze.

    2. Just saying, Not sure how you got that many followers by breaking even on every video basically? lol and believe me I play how I like…😉

  16. Todos tus vídeos son perfectos 💸💸💸💸💸💸💸🤑🍾

  17. I just watch the first :14 and the last :16 of each vid for dat smile.

  18. Wow Sarah, what a comeback on Casino Royale with that 200$ win. I was hoping youd get that chip respin, but it wasnt meant to be. Again congratulations on that fantastic Sarah.


  20. One of the reasons I watch your videos are the sound effects that you make. Its fun watching how much fun you are having while playing! TY

  21. You are 007 Beauty girls 😉. In my eyes 😍 my friend! Haha 😅🌹😎

  22. When you kept getting those line hits with James Bond I was hoping you would get them to win the grand! 🙂

    I like the picking bonus better than the spin one on Thunderball. In Thunderball, you could end up with mostly dead spins, but at least here, as you just proved, get the right picking combo and it can pay off big.

  23. Can´t WAIT to get back on the real casino after this whole COVID-thing is over! Playing online helps a bit,but nothing compared to real vibe of the casino

  24. Was it just me or every time you got two bonus reels but not the third, you hit that button like it owed you money the next spin 😂

  25. 🙂 I see why this game is fun to play. Nice WIN 🙂 Best of luck 🙂 🙂 🙂

  26. Best slot to play the card game it’s fun to gets pretty easy knowing where the cards are

  27. You cant actually get a BIG win unless you sing along to the tune at the end. Its being made law in Vegas so you should be ok Sarah 🙂

  28. Thank you for filming. Even though you came out ahead, I dont think ill be rushing to this machine when the casinos open. Too reliant on a big hit.

  29. I agree. I like the Thunderball version better. My favorite, though, is the Voodoo version of this game. Have you played that one?

  30. Thanks for the second video tonight, what a wonderful surprise! Stay safe!

  31. Ha Ha … just the way you planned it, right up to the last spin, good one … cya tommorrow

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